Boxing Physics

Boxing Physics

This game has been removed at the request of Y8. You can play the original at Y8.

A great fighting game which is in style of pixel, awaits you with boxers who can not do well to stand in balance. It is really hard to box with these boxers because you should catch the correct time to get closer to your opponent and hit it. The thing what you need to do to jump through your opponent, is to hit the key while your character bends on the side where your opponent stays. After you get closer enough to your opponent, you can start boxing him/her. You have three health in total. Which means, the one who hits his/her opponent accurately, wins the game.

Game controls:
Player 1:
Punch/Jump: “W”
Switch character: “W,S”

Player 2:
Punch/Jump: “UP ARROW KEY”

Switch character: “UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS”

Have fun!