Bullet Heaven 2

Bullet Heaven 2

What comes to your mind when it is said, Bullet Heaven? Here is what exactly comes; a place that is full of bullets. This is exactly what you will see in this game; bullets! You are going to participate in a huge battle by being the master of the bullets and if you want, you can participate in this battle with your friend in two-player game mode. Your goal is to destroy the creatures that come through to you. You have beautiful weapons. You can destroy these creatures easily by using these weapons. Then, welcome to the bullet heaven!

Player 1:
Move: "MOUSE"
Main weapon: "LEFT-CLICK"
Sub Weapon: "CLICK 2X to LEFT-CLICK"

Player 2:
Move slow: "SHIFT"
Main weapon: "Z" or "Y" or "W"
Sub Weapon: "X"
Bomb: "C" or "SPACE"

Good luck!