Chaos in the Desert

Chaos in the Desert

It is a real mess in the desert! Are you ready for a great adventure in carton-style vehicles? You can play on single player mode and complete the missions; or you can challenge your friends in multiplayer mode!

Try to trap your friends by digging holes using your vehicle in the desert! Pay attention to power bars on each side for multiplayer mode, because it can move - and + directions! If you could eliminate your rivals, cops and cube soldiers, you will receive + points. If you fall into holes or your vehicle explodes, power bar will move in - direction. First one to consume power bar loses the game in multiplayer mode! You should be careful in chaos and overcome your rivals!


PLAYER 1: "A,D" and "G"

Game Features:  

  • Entertaining game dynamics and theme.
  • Supports single player and multiplayer modes.
  • Unique bonuses (bomb, wall, rocket etc.)
  • 3D animations!
  • Mission modes