Desert Shooter

Desert Shooter

Desert Shooter is an immersive multiplayer game with a very simple idea. You will need to get one of the characters and test their weapons to see which one of you will lead it to victory. The cool thing is in the game is that you can battle one another and see which one is better. 

You have a large arsenal at your disposal and you can try to use it in order to win. The gameplay is full of life an excitement, but it can also be very challenging. Your focus here is to try and score the most points if you want to win. Staying in a single place won't work. You want to move as much as you can and use your weapon adequately if you want to win. It's an intense, challenging game with lots of different and exciting moments to try out, so give it a try right away!

• Fun battle arena game
• Use guns and bombs
• Try to get the most points
• 3 characters to choose from!