Dino Meat Hunt

Dino Meat Hunt

Here is another superb two player game comes for two player games fans! Dinosaur's family goes out for meat hunt. But there are so many harmful thing on place where they collect meat. For instance; angry cavemen, huge lakes, acid lakes etc. You should play as cooperated to pass over these harmful things. Let's collect some meat for dinosaur family!

Click "PLAY" button to proceed main menu. Click "PLAY" button and select the first level of the game and start to game. Your goal is to collect meat by directing dinosaurs and reach the cave. You should reach both of them to cave and collect all meats otherwise you can not pass to next level.

Game controls:
Big Dino:
Attack: "L"

Little Dino:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Double Jump: Press "W" double

Good luck!