Dino Ice Age 3

Dino Ice Age 3

Dinosaurs maintain the Ice Age struggle with the last chapter. They have reached the torrid zones but they are not still in the safe zone. There are still lots of puzzles and obstacles to get through. Dinosaurs can break the soil pieces by jumping onto them in the new chapter and they can use as a means of horned dinosaurs. The dinosaurs which proceed by helping each other, have to beat the giant carnivorous dinosaur and they need your help for this. They satisfy their hunger by eating meats at game levels and supply health by collecting hearths. You should get into the caves if a meteor shower or blizzard happens. You will have a chance to watch a great animation if you can finish the game. You must find the hidden green diamond to take the first level. You should pay attention to the exclamation mark.

Game controls:
Big Dinosaur:
Move: "W, A, S, D"
Action: "G, H"
   Break the block: "S"

Little Dinosaur:
Action: "K, L"  
Break the block: "Down Key"

Have fun!