Fireman 3

Fireman 3

We are here again with Fireman 3 which is another version of Bomberman game that we've played on Atari (game consoles) with pleasure. Goal of the game is -as you know- destroying your opponents with your bombs. This will not be so easy. This game that we've published first 2 series on portal, continues with the 3rd serie right now. This versin can be played with only one player.

When the game file is ready, click "START GAME" button to begin the game. Then, adjust your opponent number, the chapter and game difficulty respectively.

Here're key combinations:
Move: "Arrow Keys"
Drop Bomb: "Space" key
Turn on/off music: "M" key

These necessary datums can be said about the game: Game was made funnier with extra features. For example, you can fade out the chapter with the bonuses occuring from the blocks that you exploded and you can play in a more dangerous area. Of course, this danger is same for your opponent too. In some chapters, there are teleportation regions. Use these regions to squeeze your opponent between the bombs.

Follow your and your opponent's health status and score from the indicator existed on left side easily. Additionally, you can turn back to main menu with "QUIT" button.

Have fun.