Gum Drop Hop 3

Gum Drop Hop 3

The adventure of Gum Drop Hop is going on with with the 3rd chapter. It seems that it is full of with surprises and funnier than previous ones. Start the game by clicking "PLAY" button. You can play this game on 1 Player mode or 2 Player mode. If you want to play on 1 Player Mode, you can press the "Play" button directly. Else if you want to play with your friend, click on "2 Player" Button. After you lose in the game, you can click on "Credits" to alter your character's appearance. After that, press "Spacebar" to continue the game where you stayed at.

The Key combinations for Gum Drop Hop 3:

Character 1: Movement: "Arrow" Keys

Character 2: Movement: "W,A,S,D"

Gum Drop Hop excitement is going on with the 3rd chapter. Have fun for all players :)