We have two astronauts who are lost in the depths of space. A very long adventure awaits these astronauts. The adventure will happen in three different planet. Here is the first one which is Mercury, find second and third planet by playing yourself. The astronauts who couldn't find the return path, will try to find the way to World by scouting on the planets. In the meantime, their enemies will try to destroy them. You must be careful against aliens who try to kill the astronauts. By the way, the astronauts are planning to take precious stones which they will find in planets, to the world. You can collect green stones with both astronaut, can collect yellow stones with little astronaut, can collect blue stones with big astronaut. Another great two player adventure, awaits you!

Controls of players:
Little astronaut:
Move: "W,A,S,D"

Big astronaut:

Let's learn what kind of features that our astronauts have; little astronaut can jump very high and he can create bridges onto lava holes. Big astronaut can extinguish fires and can destroy aliens. By the way, both astronauts have limited oxygen. By collecting oxygen tubes, you can raise oxygen levels of astronauts.

Have fun!