Interplanetary 2

Interplanetary 2

Second chapter of Interplanetary game which has hard and entertaining levels, is now available! In this chapter, you are going to embark on an adventure on dangerous planets. For instance, there will be frequent meteor rains on one of these planets. You can protect yourself from these meteor rains by standing under shelters which you can find in levels. In this chapter, the characters will start to protect themselves. Little one will have a gun and the big one will have a light-saber. By these weapons, you can protect your character against aliens.

Controls of players:
Little astronaut:

Move: "ARROW KEYS" , Attack: "K"

Big astronaut:

Move: "W,A,S,D" , Attack: "G"

You can teleport by the enumerated teleport stations. You need to collect all precious stones in levels and need to rescue the other astronaut to complete the levels. After you collect all stones and rescue the other astronaut, you can complete the level by going your space shuttle.

Have fun!