Interstellar Mission

Interstellar Mission

The last mission of the astronaut brothers resumes as Interstellar Mission and the struggle begins for going back to the world. From now on, they have space vehicles. You can pass over the walls which have some kind of creatures inside of them, by using the weapons of these vehicles.

In this chapter, little astronauts can fly by using a jet pack and can help us. You need to repair the machines that get damaged by aliens in this adventure which resumes as Interstellar Mission. Besides, you need to protect yourself from meteor streams and you need to be careful about oxygen use like in the previous chapters. Wormholes will be your shortcut. If you beat the huge monster at the end of the game, astronauts go back to their home, in other words, to the world.

Controls of players:

Little astronaut:
Attack: "K"
Repair or Drive a vehicle: "L"

Big astronaut:
Move: "W, A, S, D"
Attack: "G"
Repair or Drive a vehicle: "H"

Have fun!