Multiplayer Drift

Multiplayer Drift

Get ready to participate in entertaining drift racing with your buddy. In a racing court where bends' are sharp enough, your goal is to complete the racing! Here is a hint about the game; don't hold the left and right arrow keys for so long. Otherwise, your car turns too much, and you can't turn the bend. Let's begin and see who is more talented! Don't forget to visit the "Free Driving" and "Missions" sections in the game! With the money you earn in the game, you can modify your car and buy new cars.

Game Controls:
Player 1:
Move: "W, A, S, D"
Nitro: "F"
Look back: "T"
Respawn: "R"
Handbrake: "SPACE"

Player 2:
Nitro: "K"
Respawn: "O"
Look back: "L"
Handbrake: "RIGHT-SHIFT"