Royal City Clashers 3

Royal City Clashers 3

The city where couldn’t get rid of the trouble is being haunted by the aliens this time. The evil aliens which come from the deep sides of the space and want to conquer the world, started an attack to the Royal City. To stop this attack Max, Billy and Yuri are ready to fight. You can stop this fight whether with your friend or alone. You should get strength from both guns and your teammates to save the world. Kill aliens and stop the invasion!

Players 1:
WASD - Movement
Q or E - Change Weapon
V - Run
B or SPACE - Attack
N - Drop Weapon

Players 2:
ARROW KEYS - Movement
KEYPAD 4 or KEYPAD 6 - Change Weapon
KEYPAD 1 - Run
KEYPAD 2 or KEYPAD 0 - Attack
KEYPAD 3 - Drop Weapon

ENTER - Pause