Super Sports Heads Football

Super Sports Heads Football

Great news for two player football games lovers! Here is the newest and super version of sports heads football. If you are ready to live more football excitement, what are you waiting for? Several surprises are waiting for you in this chapter. Let's get started!

You can play this game in two different mode as single player and two player. To play as single player, click on "NEW GAME" button. Choose your football player who you want to play with, in tournament and then, click on "OK" button. After then click on "PLAY" button to start to game.

To play as two player, click on "2 PLAYER" button. Choose your football players. You can define the football field from "CHANGE PITCH" section. You can set match's time and type from "CHANGE PLAY TYPE" section and you can start to game by clicking on "PLAY" button.

Game controls:
If you are playing as single player, please use the following game controls:
Shoot: "SPACE-BAR"

If you are playing as two player, please use the following game controls:
1st Player:
Shoot: "P"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Shoot: "SPACE-BAR"

Here is few tips about the game; during the match, if you hit red power-ups with the ball, your rival will be effected. If you hit yellow power-ups, both player will be effected. If you hit green power-ups, your own player will be effected.

While you are playing, you can pause the game by clicking on "PAUSE" button located on upper-right corner of the game screen. You can mute or unmute the game sounds and music from the menu which opens when you click on pause button or you can go back to main menu. You can resume your match by clicking on "RESUME MATCH" button.

For the best two player games, please keep following us. Have a ball!