Fighting Jam Uzami Naruto Game

Figthing Jam is a wonderful fighting game that you can play alone or against to your friend. Login game menu by clicking "Left Click to Enter" button and choose game mode. You can show your energy in "One Player Mode" or settle accounts with your friend in "Two Players Mode". Also you can select "Survival Mode" to start a fighting journey alone. If you feel you're so new on this game, you can test and develope your skills in "Tutorial Mode". And another alternative to learn how the game can be played is, "Wieving Mode". You can use this game mode to only watch two fighters controlling by the computer to see what kind of fighting techniques each character using. When you're ready, start fighting to show yourself. Player 1 uses "W,A,S,D" keys to navigate his fighter and "U,I,J,K,L" keys to use fighting techinuqes. Player 2 uses "Arrow Keys" and "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" keys to play. If you have any problem with keys in your keyboard, you can easily adjust game keys from "Control Settings" section in main menu. This game that has advanced attack and special movement options, will be one of the best fighting games in your list. hopes you have fun.

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