Snail Bob 2 Game

Suddenly, Snail Bob reminded something important by calendar, while he was sitting at home and reading the newspaper. The day which seems in calender, is the day of his grandpa's birthday and Snail Bob doesn't even has a gift for him. He decides to give a flower in a vase to his grandpa, after then he starts off way to his grandpa but this way will be so dangerous for him. Would you like to help him?

Click on "PLAY" button and if you want to skip the game intro, click on "SKIP" button. Click on "PLAY" button on main menu and then select the level. If it is your first time in this game, only first level will be available. Game is only played by "MOUSE". Your goal is to, get the the Snail Bob to the exit door by avoiding him from traps by using buttons in levels.

Game is consisted of twenty five level. Each level has different feature. If you click on Bob, he stops. If you want him to go faster, click on "2X" button located on upper-left corner of the game screen. To pass next level, use "Next Level" button after you completed the current level successfully. To restart current level, use "RESTART" button. You can set the game music and sounds by buttons located on underside of the game screen. We wish you have fun!

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