Fire and Water 2 Review


Fire and Water 2We will talk about Fire and Water game's second version which is preferred by lots of online flash game players. The objective of the game is that you must solve the puzzle on each chapter and reach the final point with your Fire Boy and Water Girl.

Game has special attributes in it. You must use both heroes together to complete chapters. Because your heroes have their own specialities. As in first version of this game, you cannot finish the game alone. You need your partner to complete each chapters. There are lots of obstacles on your road and you must overcome them carefully.

How to play Fire and Water 2 game?

1. After game has been loaded click "Start Game" button existed on right menu.

2. You can easily analyze the map of your adventure and click "Start" button existed at right bottom to begin the game.

3. You will see an instruction wizard. You can skip it by using "Esc" key from keyboard.

4. As you see (as in the others) there two different heroes in our game.

5. You can navigate the heroes by using "Arrow Keys". There will be lots of obstacles on your way. You must stay on the buttons to close the obstacle. So there must a be teamwork with your heroes.

6. At the end of the game you can easily pass the other chapter by following arrow sign.


We think that you will be addicted to this game's series as many others.

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