What Do You Need To Be a Good Player


After revealing what kind of player you are, now we would like to discuss what you need to do a fine player. Do not think that the only rule towards being a good player is completing a game and toss it away just to proceed to another. Becoming a good player has its own formula as well.


We previously made a entertaining test in order to determine what kind of a player you are. Now the things are getting real. Do you know what it takes to call yourself “A good Player” Here is the formula.

Choose your format


You have 4 different options here. PS3-4, Xbox 360 - One, Wii and PC. Acknowledging that each option has its own pros and cons shows that you took the very first step to be a good player. This way, you demonstrate that you are not a fanatical player in terms of the format. The consoles are almost always more expensive as their games. If you intend to buy a console, in order not to feel remorse later, try to choose the product, which would entertain you most. 

Let your style speak

You obviously know that there are more than one game genre out there. Just think whether you know the meaning of all game genre abbreviations. Buying Super Mario after going to shopping to buy an RPG may disappoint you. Never get cocky about the game styles. You should remember that each player has his / her own way of playing games.  Trying to be superior to others, mocking with the game styles is beneath a good player. Each game gives a different taste and the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t try to display your game style as “the best” or don’t make a claim in this regard.

Try everything

try the everything

It is not easy to develop a game taste and style. Don’t be attached to a single game. Check out different games as much as possible. In this way, you will have some knowledge about your style and ultimately you will find your own style. Do not slander other genres after being attached to a single game or genre. If you talk without having an idea what they look like, you may be hanged out dry.

The manuals are reading materials

Manuals are important

If you just toss the instruction manuals that are bundled with the game, it is very sad actually. People prepare those manuals for you. The manuals are there to increase the pleasure of gaming and to enlighten you about the feats that you are stuck or you wonder. As a matter of fact, prepare a corner in your library for them. Maybe your friends see them and want to experience that game with you.

Do not skip the tutorials that teach and tell you the game

If you play a game for the first time, take a look at the levels called “tutorials” just like reading the manuals. In there, you may find various tactics that you may employ or tips never before known to you. Blindly starting a game is not a very wise act. This is also true for the real life. Having an idea regarding something does not suffice; you need to have some information as well.


Replaying the levels that you already completed makes you more careful and experienced in the subsequent levels. If you focus on completing the game in a linear manner, you may miss various feats that the game might offer you.

Online gaming manners


Online games are actually like social media. In there, you need to be civilized in order not to give false signals about your characters to people who you don’t know. Players, who are respectful, who are fair to his / her teammates and who establish easy and civilized communications play in world championships today. Their respectful manners elevate them to the top. Remember, all heroes are humble.

Choose your mates wisely

Choose your mates wisely especially in multiplayer environments. One wrong player is enough to make your gaming buddies uncomfortable. This may disrupt the joy you get from the game and may even cause your friends blaming you and becoming distant from you.

Small suggestions

  • If you will play a game for the first time, talk to the people in charge in the place you will buy the game from. They may give you information regarding which games are being played in these days and regarding their difficulty levels.
  • Do not let the games disrupt your real life balance. Care for your friends and family, spend time with them.
  • Follow gaming magazines and web sites. Those sources contain highly updated and accurate information. In that way, you won’t need second hand information.
  • Read game reviews and comments. Compare them. In this way, you may know what kind of game you will see and may prevent a wrong choice.