Two Player Games Mobile is now online!


We are proud with our job and are in an endeavor to serve you to the best that you play two player games with your friends, brothers, and closes on PC by pleasure and have great time. We’ve just released the mobile version of the site to ensure you to keep your joy which goes on PC, on the mobile devices either like iOS and Android. We have limited games on our mobile version of the web site for now but, the games which are prepared especially for you, are on the way by the sponsorship of!

We serve our games in HTML5 format and you are going to able to play the games from the smallest devices to largest devices as compatible without having the trouble of loading or setting up the application. At the same time, games are recording scores and levels. Our multiplayer games which work on server basis, will meet you soon!

Example pictures of our mobile page for now, are as below:

Tablet Version (iPad) iPad Mobile Homepage

Tablet Game Page (iPad) Tablet Version Game Page

Mobile Phone View (iPhone5)

Two Player Games iPhone5 Version

Mobile Phone Game Play View (iPhone4)

iPhone4 Game Play


You can use; web address to reach our mobile web site. Please, don’t forget to add our mobile web site to your mobile devices browser’s bookmark. For your negative or positive feedbacks, please contact us via our contact page.

Have Fun! Team.