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We bought two new games from DEADTOAST ENTERTAINMENT game company, and here is an article about them. If you wonder about if we continue to buy new games from DEADTOAST ENTERTAINMENT, the answer is YES! If you want to keep playing quality games, keep following us and play the best games on the Internet under sponsorship!

360 Smash

We are presenting you great games one more beautiful than the other, day by day. One of the great games that we present, is 360 Smash which is most entertaining tennis game maybe you had ever seen. The most entertaining side of the game is able to play up to four players. So, you can play with your friends and have the best time with this game.



Nunchuck Charlie: A Love Story

We don’t know if you’ve played this game before, but if you haven’t, we strongly recommend you to play. Just wonderful! Besides single player game mode, it has two player game mode either. But this two player game mode is different. You can play the story mode of the game by two player! That is just one of the wonderful feature of the game. Here is few of them; the graphics of the game, perfect! The story of the game, perfect! Well, no need to think about rest of the features of the game. Just check it out to see the quality with your own eyes.

nunchuck charlie

Nunchuck Charlie