Counter Terror

Counter Terror

Get ready to join a bitter struggle with your buddy against to enemies! You will find yourself in a perfect adventure which is full of guns and bombs. If you are ready too, after the game is loaded, click on "CONTINUE" and "CLICK TO START" buttons respectively, to proceed main menu. For playing single, click on "SINGLE PLAYER" button. For playing twosome, click on "2 PLAYERS CO-OP" button. Here is the controls of the game:

1st Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D" or "2,Q,S,D"
Aim Up: "W" or "2"
Crouch: "S"
Aim Down: "S"(While Jumping)
Shoot: "5"
Jump: "4"
Use Item: "6"
Switch Item: "E"

2nd Player:
Aim Down: "DOWN ARROW KEY"(While Jumping)
Shoot: "9"
Jump: "8"
Use Item: "0"
Switch Item: "P"

Here is a few information about the game: You should stay away from the bombs which you throw, otherwise it damages you or kills you, and if you die, your character goes back to beginning of the level. On place where has no ladders, you can go upstairs by stringing. When you see an enemy, try to shoot by crouching or find a bulwark.

During the game, you can pause the game and reach the menu which includes game settings and game controls by clicking on button located on upper right side of the game screen or by pressing "P" key or you can go back to main menu by following this way. For the most beautiful gun games, keep playing on our web site. Good luck!