Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft Mahjong is an exciting, very easy to play and rewarding game. It brings you the ultimate mahjong experience in a clever and fun way. You will need to remove all the items from the board in order to win. You are also against the clock, so the faster you get to do it, the better the results you can receive.Once you start playing Microsoft Mahjong, you will be able to choose the puzzles you want to play. You can also study your statistics and receive awards as you play. You also have a dedicated tutorial to help you improve the way you play naturally and with amazing results. 

Microsoft Mahjong also delivers incredible daily challenges where you can test your skills and accrue numerous awards. If you love mahjong gameplay, give Microsoft Mahjong a try today and test your skills unlike never before.

• Incredible mahjong gameplay
• Access daily challenges
• Obtain numerous awards as you play
• Great, easy to understand tutorial
• Study your game statistics and improve