Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Police Car Cop Real Simulator game will take you on a brand new adventure against criminals in a huge city where the civilians need your help. Drive your car over the criminals and destroy them before they disturb the civilians. You can also use guns or other weapon types in your fight against evil.

Make sure your character is healthy and safe. The missions will need to be finished in a limited time. Let's move!

Move: "W,A,S,D
Siren: "H"
Missions: "Z"
Camera switch: "C"
Reset car: "R"
Roll: "Q"
Instruction: "I"
Car enter/Exit: "F"
Map: "M"
Inventory: "E"
Pause: "ESC"
Weapon switch: "MOUSE SCROLL"
NOS/Sprint: "L-SHIFT"
Jump: "SPACE"

Good luck!