Royal City Clashers 2

Royal City Clashers 2


Billy Clones are causing trouble in Royal City once again! Choose between 3 characters (Max, Billy, and Yuri) to stop them! Use melees and guns to smash your way through the streets! Play solo or with a friend in two player! Will you survive the dinosoars?

Players 1:
WASD - Movement
Q or E - Change Weapon
V - Run
B or SPACE - Attack
N - Drop Weapon

Players 2:
ARROW KEYS - Movement
KEYPAD 4 or KEYPAD 6 - Change Weapon
KEYPAD 1 - Run
KEYPAD 2 or KEYPAD 0 - Attack
KEYPAD 3 - Drop Weapon

Menu and options:
WASD - Select option
SPACE - Confirm option

Enter - Pause game

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