GTA Series


GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is the one of the legend PC games. It is being published by Rockstar Games. The series began in 1997.

GTA 1 and GTA 2 is 2D games, GTA 3 is the first 3D game of the GTA Series.

GTA Series has six games. There are their names:
-GTA 1
-GTA 2
-GTA 3
-GTA: Vice City
-GTA: San Andreas
-GTA 4

GTA Series

It is mostly crime game, so the GTA gets so many dissatisfactions. Some of the countries blocked it. Game contains violence, adult and some other bad things. We don’t recommend our children to play.

Every game has got their own characters. Some of the games for example GTA 3 and GTA 4 has story connections.

Have fun with a wild and crazy city life.