The Sims 3 World Adventures


The Sims, one of the most popular series in the world. Availability and popularity of this series preferred his daily life in every area possible in the game in the reserves. This new format is changing our ordinary daily interests.In the history of The Sims , 17 development packages and over 100 million sales and this successful graphic continues since the first Sims game(in 2000) has been developed. World Adventures take their place among that and this is not surprising.
This new pack brings an international expansion to the game and offers to send to an exotic location in China, Egypt and France to the players Sims charecter. Another feature of the new package brought from the research and the task of finding a small puzzle game also offered to the Sims fans. Of course, much more than that available in the game. Players can make it more valuable sims character and sims houses , small but really a lot of fun additions also awaits you in this new expansion pack.

Focal point of the game is gathered in 3 new cities. Shang Simla, Al Simhara and Champs Les Sims. Each of these cities solid built homes and have a great stores. You can go to any of these 3 cities if you have enough money. Initially, you would have such as bed, bath and glass which are necessary for your basic needs and you would begin the game in this way.
Adventure board is the best source of entertainment in the new cities. You can find here historical places, precious metals which you have collected.

In addition to this , you need to know pyramids or research other historical places only a small part of World Adventures. A lot of friends to meet, visit lots of shops and a lot more of them are attached to this game. This game gives you the opportunity to learn 3 ordinary people’s real ideas about the local business.
You can invite to your home foreign people if you'd offer a glass of fruit juice , your choice. The game makers did their job really very good. When you return your regular home life from the full of adventure world, as if you have not experienced anything like that. Now, you are filling traps adding to your home cellar. This is the end of the boring parties.
More athletic and mysterious Sims characters can learn martial arts. This helps to reduce stresses your sims character , develop the capabilities and sometimes increased telepathy capabilities. In this game , the most comprehensive adventure is actually occurs from history reviews.

World Adventures has showed a way for sims packages which will come out in the future. In this package , The Sims family still looks highly developed.The missing part of the game ; please let me know if there is any incomplete part you can see. Have fun…