World Of Warcraft


The game features a huge world wide; but a war for territory and dominance. The two factions are the Alliance and Horde, plus much animals living on these territories. Game goal is to master as many territories, that is to kill as many players from factors adverse to discover the fantasy world of WoW epic and wonderful, but unfortunately came to an exaggeration of the times or the game so players sin, but to present the game better. Alliance has five races, which are: People (muscular and relatively "resistant"), Dwarves (small but strong and obsessed with hammers), Gnomes (small but enormously born engineers and senior magi)-Night Elves (Dark Elves, beautiful , intelligent, strong), Draens (some aliens that look for the truth).

World Of Warcraft

In the world of WoW, there are 2 large continents: Azeroth and Outland, Azeroth with three smaller continents: Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Each character is placed in one of the continents of Azeroth when it first entered the game. At first you should make level-up, this system is very easy: Kill Mobi (PVE irons in the world or characters) with the level at least the same like you, get experience, and start mobilize the highest level Moni to get more experience. Also cover, level-up is easy and doing quests in the world that is full of WoW. After growing up in level, you will need to be learned from some masters of your class to be stronger and have more skills.

World Of WarcraftLearning costs, but without learning you are nobody. Also one important thing is perhaps the most fitting character. It can be equipped with weapons and armor, each of which is a very large number and very diversified. They can get from vendors (sellers) or they can be win by killing monsters, and if you honor points (talk about later) you can get one even better. Also Vhote-Shop it’s another possibility to seize items sometimes better than those realms. Once you will get to level 80, things get complicated. We can learn to "ride" animals such as: flying animals. If until now we were riding slow land animals, you have a great satisfaction when you ride flying animals like birds.

New and improved skills of the various powers of nature can help you fight much better with yur character. Thus, you have a full choice of skills and for that we can take the talent points. These are called ability course, differs from class talent. So we can make improvements by enhancement sites we learn from the trainer, but we can buy gems and glyph-sites that we add measures to the gear. Gems's socket is attached to the item's skill color gem (diamond) and bring us considerable attributes improvements (stamina, defense rating ...). Glyph also improve our sites some attacks / spells already learned.

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