Double Bros

Double Bros

A game which you will play as twosome, bases on "Keep Running" and it's like Temple Run Game which break performance record, named as "Double Bros", you will have to play it's proceeded levels by holding your breath because of the excitement that it has.

After the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button to proceed and select a game level. If it is your first time in this game, only first level will be unlocked. Your goal is to complete each level by running without get caught the creatures and obstacles.

Game controls are the following:
1st Player:
Jump: "W"
Duck Slide: "S"
Fire: "D"

2nd Player:
Duck Slide: "DOWN ARROW KEY"

Let's talk about some tips what you need while playing: If one of players get caught an obstacle or creature, both player starts from the very beginning. You can't kill bugs which have sticks even if you fire. If you collect diamonds inside of levels, you will qualify to pass next level. Both player will have unlimited life but don't forget that big deal is to complete the levels.

While playing, you can pause the game by pressing "SPACEBAR". You can use the buttons which are located lower-right corner of the game screen to pause the game or mute the game sounds. You can go back to the previous menu by clicking on "MAP" button either. For the best two player games, keep following us. We wish you success!