Super Ryona World

Super Ryona World

In the land of the Flower Kingdom there are magical hats that grant magic power to their users. The three great wizard hats obtained by Ryona, the Queen of Flower Kingdom, are said to be the most powerful. One Night the skeleton named Skull stole the wizard hats. Play as the daughters of Ryona; Macy and Lucy, to re-obtain the stolen hats. Enjoy many fun levels of platforming, swimming, jumping, running, fireballs, and dodging! Go at it alone or have a friend join at any time on the same screen!

In game Controls:
Player 1:
Enter - Pause Game
WASD - Movement
V Key - Run/Fireball/Hold Items
B Key - Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

Player 2:
Arrow Keys - Movement
O - Run/Fireball/Hold Items
P - Jump (Hold for higher jumps)

OverWorld Controls:
WASD OR Arrow Keys - Movement
B key OR P - Start Level