Zombie Crypt 2

Zombie Crypt 2

What would you do if you stuck in a maze full of zombies? Of course, you need to run. But it will not be easy to run this time. Whether you play as single or you play with your buddy, you will only need some courage and intelligence in this game.

After the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button and select a level. If it is your first time in this game, only first level will be allowed. After you select a level, you can start to play. Your goal is to escape from the maze without get caught zombies. Here is the controls of the game:

Green Character:
Move: "A,D"
Jump: "W"
Function: "S"

Red Character:
Function: "DOWN ARROW KEY"

Use "R" key to restart current key if you stick in any level. Use "SPACE-BAR" to pause the game. You can let it continue by pressing "SPACE-BAR" again.

There are too many dangerous that you need to watch out: Zombies, sticks, gaps are just some of those. Also, you can climb high places by pressing jumping key serially between two walls. But you can't do that on walls which are covered by green. If you approach zombies, they start to follow you. You can kill them by dropping boxes onto them and you can get extra points.

During the game, you can go back to previous menu or main menu by following the menu which opens when you press "SPACE-BAR" key. To open doors, don't forget to pull levers located on the ground. For the best games you can take a look at our web site and you can add our site to your bookmark. We wish you success.