Ultraman 2

Ultraman 2

How about a fierce struggle against enemies with your friend? When the game is loaded, the button from the top is for single, the middle button is for multiplayer. The goal in the game, defeat enemies as much as possible and try to reach the target.

The first player hero can be moved by the "W, A, D" keys and can be made attacks by the "J" key. In addition, when the blue box is full, one can use a special attack by key "K". The second player hero can be moved with "Arrow Keys" and can make attacks with the "2" key, a special ability can be used with "3" key in the numeric keyboard.

You can pass to the future section, finishing any part, by clicking on the right green button that appears on the screen. Remember, your special ability is stronger as long as you jumping the map.

TwoPlayerGames.org hopes you have fun.