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Go Go Ufo

Go Go Ufo


Do you think that aliens organizes UFO racings among each other? If you think that they do and you want to take part in one of them, you open the right game. You will not only race single but also you can race with two player or three player or four player. These racings are pretty hard. It may take little time to learn how to race with your UFO. You are going to move your ufo left and right and you are going to go forward with one control. By the way, be careful with meteors. If you are defeated by a meteor, you will not be able to move for a while.

Controls of players:

Player 1:
Move right: "Z"
Move left: "X"
Move forward: "C"

Player 2:
Move right: "."
Move left: ","
Move forward: "?"

Player 3:
Move right: "1"
Move left: "2"
Move forward: "3"

Player 4:
Move right: "Numpad 1"
Move left: "Numpad 2"
Move forward: "Numpad 3"

Have fun!

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