Zombie Crypt 3 Game

We present you the third and the latest chapter of Zombie Crypt game which is made a hit by players. As in the previous chapters of Zombie Crypt, there are dangerous traps and horrible zombies are waiting for you in this chapter either. Do you ready for tensioned moments with this game?

After the game is loaded, click "PLAY" button to proceed main menu. Click on "PLAY" button again and select the first level. If it is your first time, only first chapter will be available. Here is the game controls:

Move: "A,D"
Jump: "W"
Function: "S"

Function: "DOWN ARROW KEY"

Restart: "R"
Pause: "SPACE-BAR"

You can break some doors with little boxes. You can kill zombies with bombs. In some levels you will need to swim. Your character can't stay so much under water, that is why you should hurry. And you can get more point by collecting golds. Both character should stay in front of the exit door to finish level.

During the game, you can pause the game by pressing on "SPACE-BAR" and you can go back to main menu with the menu which open when you pause the game. When you finish the level, you can go next level by clicking on "NEXT LEVEL" button. Don't forget that the most important point in this game is to cooperation. For the best two player games, please, keep following us. Good luck!

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