10 Weird Gaming Records


The recently released “Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition book” is full of a multi-featured videogames from the world. Plenty of the 2011 records are weird and funny. Some of them are the sort of records you didn't even think would exist. Here are 10 of the book's most weirds…

FarmVille: Dimitar Kerin who was part of the government discussions playing FarmVille and lost his job by using council-owned laptops to milk the cows during important meetings and won this record according to Guinness.
Crystal Palace Spec Station: Erik Novak who is a player of the online game Entropia Universe paid 3.3 million in-game dollars, the equivalent of $330,000 real money for the Crystal Palace Spec Station.
Mafia II: In mafia themed action-adventure game the f... word used many times. Observed on the inspection this word was used 397 times in the game.
Grand Theft Auto IV: In GTA 4 game, Henrik Lindholm fought against cops, snipers, FBI agents and a massive helicopter gunship while achieving this feat.
Resident Evil 4: Capcom's horror-action game features 47 unique death animations for protagonist Leon Kennedy entered the record books.
Pokemon: Lisa Courtney achieved a record because of having 14,410 different collectibles of Pokemon.
Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley declared 21 September 2010, "Sid Meier's Civilization V Day" to honor the game's release and celebrate the strength of the game-development industry.
Scrabulous: Facebook Scrabble clone Scrabulous was drawing in $25,000 a month from its 2.4 million users since Scrabble owners weren't seeing any of this profit and they decided to sue Scrabulous for copyright infringement.
Madden NFL 2011: 90,000 lines of commentary of the game by EA Sports explains the reason for this record.
Cooking Mama: William Willemstyn III is the most prolific record-breaker and beat 9 different records on the game.