Double Edged

Double Edged

A country which is huge and wonderful, is fell to pieces by twelve kings who have ambition for power. The warriors step up to the plate by keeping together to fix this situation on their country. What do you think about to start an adventure which passes at ancient times? If you want, you can play this game as two player by making your friend a partner to this superb adventure.

After the game is loaded, click "PLAY GAME" button which is located on lower-right corner of the game screen. Click "PLAY" button. You can play the game as single by clicking "1 PLAYER" button. You can play the game as two player by clicking "2 PLAYER" button. After you determine, you will direct the level select screen then select the first level of the game to start to play. The adventure begins on!

Game controls are as follows:

1st Player:
Hit: ","
Jump: "."

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Hit: "G"
Jump: "H"

Use "Hit Keys" to pick up the weapons or any other objects. During the game, if you want to count your partner in, press "G" button. After you finish the level that you played, click "NEXT STAGE" button to pass next level.

Good luck!