Sports Heads World Cup

Sports Heads World Cup

The great excitement of World Cup, takes its place in Sports Heads. To live exactly the same of this excitement, you can take your place in this tournament, before being too late.

After the game is loaded, to close the advertisement, click on "SKIP" button located on lower-right side of the game screen or wait for a while. After then click on "PLAY" button located on bottom of the game screen. Then click on "START" button to proceed main menu. Select the football player which you want to participate to tournament with, and click on "SELECT" button. If it is your first time with this game, "MEDIUM, HARD, ULTRA" options will be locked. To unlock these levels, you should complete the previous game difficulty successfully. Select the first level of "EASY" chapter, and click on "PLAY" button. To start the match, press on "SPACE-BAR". Game controls are the following:


If you loose the match that you played, you will be eliminated from the tournament. You can click on "TRY AGAIN" button to re-match. You can change your character by proceeding character change screen by clicking on "CHANGE CHARACTER".

During the matches, by the buttons located on lower-right side of the game screen, respectively, you can restart the current match, you can pause the game, you can set the game music and sound and you can go back to main menu by "MENU" button.

We wish you have fun!