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Color Tanks

Color Tanks


How about a bitter struggle with tanks between colorful bombs? You will lose track of time while playing this game which is full of action. If you are ready, let's begin!

Having the game is loaded, click on "PLAY" button to proceed main menu. Then set the number of player. Game mode of "STORY" is campaign mode and it is single player mode. In "EDITOR" section, you can design your own levels however you want. In "STORY CO-OP" game mode, you battle against to enemy with your buddy. In "STORY CO-AT" game mode, you battle against to each other. Game controls are as follows:

1st Player:
Move and Shoot: "W,A,S,D"
Upgrades: "SPACE-BAR"

2nd Player:
Move and Shoot: "ARROW KEYS"
Upgrades: "SHIFT"

The tanks start to fire automatically towards to the direction of it. If you stop moving, your tank will stop firing automatically. You will earn coin as you kill your enemy and with the coins that you earn, you can upgrade your tank by buying features such as prop, shield etc. Don't forget to check your tank's health located on bottom of the game screen. If your tank's health is decreased, you can increase your tank's health by buying health from upgrades menu.

During the game, by clicking on buttons located on upper right side of the game screen, respectively, you can monitorize game controls and you can change them, you can mute or unmute the game sound, you can pause the game. For the best shooting games played as twosome, keep playing on Wish you luck!

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