GTA Statistics



gta series

1.In first GTA game, that you’re the owner of the vehicle to convert it into time bomb, it needed to spend $5000.

2.In GTA 2 game, a total of 50 vehicles were seen on the screen.

3.Again in GTA 2 game, there were 200 pedestrians seen on the screen.

4.GTA London : little-known plugin of 1969, only played online London 1961, was available for free.

5.GTA : San Andreas game, people we see on the street can speak 60,000 sentences.

6.GTA : San Andreas game, there are 16,000 different buildings and appliances.

7.GTA : San Andreas game, the highest mountain is 1600 meters long.

8.GTA : San Andreas game, there are 11 radio stations and 10 of them has a different music.

9.Cases were opened for Rockstar(the maker of the gta) around $ 130 million in 2003.

10.GTA: Vice City Stories game is set in 1984.

11.To date, GTA game sold over 70 million.

12.In GTA 4 game, you have to dial (267)-555-0100 for decrease the level wanted by the police.

13.GTA 4 were made in 3.5 years.