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  • World Of Warcraft
    The game features a huge world wide; but a war for territory and dominance. The two factions are the Alliance and Horde, plus much animals living on these territories. Game goal is to master as many..
  • 1 On 1 Soccer Codes
    1 On 1 Soccer game is a rare game which works with cheat codes - if necessary - between flash games. And as you guess, these codes make this game more entertaining. This game has another important poi..
  • Fire and Water 2 Review
    We will talk about Fire and Water game's second version which is preferred by lots of online flash game players. The objective of the game is that you must solve the puzzle on each chapter and reach t..
  • Call of Duty Series
    Call of Duty is a 2nd World War game which is produced by Infinity Ward and released by Activision. It is a first person shooter game (FPS). You can see the world from eyes of the war legends. ..
  • Silent Hill
    Silent Hill is a survival-horrible video game published by Konami entartainment in 1999. It is first video game of the Silent Hill series. In 2001, Silent Hill 2, in 2003 Silent Hill 3 was published b..
  • The Sims Series
    The Sims is a simulation game produced by Electronic Arts and released by Maxis. In this game, you are simulating a real person's life. Everything is “virtual”: Cars, pets, houses, people… And e..
  • Crysis
    Crysis is a first person shooter game which published by Crytek. When it was published, it had started a revolution with graphics, gameplay and it was a wonderful game. It uses CryEngine, the new and ..
  • Far Cry
    Far Cry is a first person shooter game. Its developer is Crytek Studios. You can play it as alone or multiplayer over the internet. When it was published, it created a revolution. Far Cry inclu..
  • Hitman Series
    Hitman is a third-person-shooter game in which published in 2000 by EIDOS Interactive. Hitman revolves around an agent whose name is “Agent 47”. He is an assassin for hiring and he has got a tatto..
  • GTA Series
    GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is the one of the legend PC games. It is being published by Rockstar Games. The series began in 1997. GTA 1 and GTA 2 is 2D games, GTA 3 is the first 3D game of the GTA Series...
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